Suddenly, I found myself totally in a place. A place I have never been before. The strangeness start to cover me. My toe, my foot, my leg, then is the waist, chest, till my head completely fell into the shadow. I can feel nothing but fear.

What can I do? When the feeling ebbs off, it is weird that I have my eyes that can’t see, my mouth can’t shout, my nose can’t smell, my finger can’t touch, my tongue can’t taste. All the 5 basic feelings are deprived from me by someone I don’t care, without leaving any clue. It seems that I just was born in that way.

Then a light in the tunnel shines all over the dark space, I sensed it. And cramped footsteps were sensed. Everything in the flow of time seems to be normal but me……..

Forget about this dream.


About linpx
He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

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