beauty of english

to jiajia, sorry for publicizing the article, just to wake up our appetite to learn the beauty under your hands.


Thank you very much for your close concern to my withdrawal,indeed. As to the statement of withdrawal, currently I do not need it. But not sure whether in need someday. Now I am very busy in following my new steps. Those tiny but time-taking procedures tire me sooooooooo!

Yes, it is said that once a door get closed, another one is open. But there still pays price, more or less. You lead what you choose while you pay for what you used to lead. Hehe, this is just life!

About your MIRACLE! I do not hold any doubt, cos’ it happens every day! But it should be a mere story now. For if nothing wrong, Camp already finished yesterday…

How’s your feeling? A little bit sad, but not empty? Should be like this. Flower blooms for its ultimate fading. Song has it that "When flower blooms, love is tender"! Hehe, yes, I am teasing.

Uncertainty is the most beautiful essence of life. As beautiful as the changing, swirling clouds, you said and I saw.

"Before Sunset", a movie with totally irresistible charm of uncertainty, mirrors your feeling and never dying hope.



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