life is too short to be sad

Life is too short to be sad; Kristin answered me when I wondered why she always kept smiling and beautiful.

Mmhh. I am different case from her. I felt so sad the time they left. Yes, all of them left. You know what I did in lunch time, I told all of them, nice working with you, and shake handed with them. You will never treasure this kind of moment until suddenly you found yourself was totally being left alone. My students left, some of who even stopped their cars just to say goodbye to me, Ice left, who is my so called girlfriend and who I also did not have chance to send off, Kristin, the red hair Canadian beauty is about to leave tomorrow, and I am doubting if I really have chance to see this lovely lady again.

They promised me they would come back on weekend camp or next winter camp. But who knows? Life is just like a box of chocolate, you never know what it is going to taste.

I was sad.

Not any more.

Still, life is too short to be sad.


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