sit by Ice

Sit by her side is kind of strange feeling. I don’t always have chance to sit with such a beautiful lady, but I do have now. And I told her, no, we don’t have enough time, just put your head on my shoulder will be ok. She did, and she did in front of 175 camp students, including my fans and students too. Feeling face turning red, I pretend to be ok with that and kept talking with her.

Strange. At least it is strange for me, since I never ask a girl I just meet to do that. Right?

And yes, we have a nice talk. But just a nice talk, no more than that. All the kids who saw that kept asking me, tea-cheer, tea-cheer, do you like her. She likes you. Oh, how come? Well, this should be the 7th rumor which I forgot to tell her with the other 6 ones.

I would rather recognize this as an open mind than sort of affair things, besides we are adults, we know what we are doing. Just friends. Oh, yeah, forget something, 2 mins later will see her birthday. Another coincidence, isn’t it? Hehe, I already sent her a card. And I have got her No, which means, of course, I am going to call her. Youths, at least, do have something in common, say, dancing, singing, club things…..


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