her 20th birthday…

Believe or not, I dated with a girl on her 20th birthday on the 7th floor in front of president’s chapel.

Kind of strange feeling and full of pride and surprise as well.

I got nothing to say. Just some fragments of our conversation.

I don’t know if you have boyfriend or not, but right now, right here, please forget everything, just dance with me.

Then we dance together with face to face, hugging to each other.

You are so kind, I will never forget tonight.

Shall we dance, shall we dance. Yes, we are dancing on the roof. We are dancing under the stars, dancing with the most beautiful view of Seoul. Then we spinned. Then she sat down, I am honor to massage her, a second gift on her birthday.

Can’t say more, just leave it in the memory. And never ever will I have it again. I know that.

That is already enough. I don’t ask more, expect more.


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He is lazy, so he left nothing here.

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