i really get angry now

every sunday morning i attend mass, this time, still, is not an exception. today it is about the forgiveness to those who trespass against me as the lord forgive my trespass. it is too ofter that much pepole overemphsized the mysteriy of the Jesus christ and negelct something more important, the core essence of Christainity, which is what we call the love. be love to everyone, be kind to everyone. we are seeking nothing but for a peaceful mind embodied in ourselves.

but. yeah, you are right, there is always a but. according to what i think about the forgiveness, something is unforgivable. like, let’s say, some one is talking or someone turn on the light when i am sleeping. i am a good person and boast for a good temper, but for the trespasses such like these, ain’t endure anymore. and that is exactly what happened last night. Sok Lor talked out loud when i am sleeping, when it is already 2 am in the morning…. i jumped and shouted," hello, excuse me, i am sleeping"


thanks be to god. they shut up.

and one more question, why should i forgive someone who is show no respect on me?

the answer, it is not for them, it is for the lord. be peaceful.




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