send xingjiajia away, and meet new girl

Choi Han Kwinr

I went to incheon airport to send Xingjiajia, my best friend in TLBU, off. You know how much effort I made to get that chance. I have been talking with Mr. Kong for nearly an hour. I know he is for the sake of me, require me to go there only with the accompany with Jin Zhijun. I denied, how could a situation be so bad like that, two person talk to each other together, leaving alone another guy. Wow, can’t believe that. I fight to death to demand my alone accompany to her, get no satisfied answer. What more can I do? Nothing, but uncontented leaving. Even Mr Kong himself feel so sorry that he can’t say the final decision of whom should go there to me, but asking Mr Shin to do that. I understand what his position is, but still insisted that if there was only one person worthy sending off by me, that one should be Xing Jiajia. Wow, what an intense situation? Anyway, problem is solved. By Jin, he voluntarily got off the taxi on half way to leave some room for us two.
And I learn something from that, I mean not everything should be done under cold rules, but we can bypass them in some other way, more humanities or more emotional.

We have a good talk about anything like what we did before. But I still feel regret that she left, everyone loves Xing Jiajia. Like she sang, don’t know why she come here? Da,da,da,da…..

What I really wants to say is what happened on my way back. There is a pretty girl sitting next to me. I don’t have enough courage to say hello to her. But, I don’t care. I need to improve my communication even in the price of damaging my own image is worthy. So I raised my hand, and say hello to her. Naturally, we start to talk, in English. Hehe, good start, isn’t it?

Now I know it would never be awkward to say you are beautiful to any woman I meet. I just did that. She, of course, then smiled. A very close smile melted every coldness between her and me. A talk about anything was on the way. We are a little bit awkward, because we don’t know each other before. So, we start anything we could to get to know the situation. Then she told me that she wanted to be a fly attendant, but because the failure of the English test. Wow, I mean, that is my major. I teach the English in camp here. A long talk start from Hwajaeong to her home, all about how to learn English. She kept listening, I kept talking. Felting totally comfortable and grateful that school offer me a chance to practice the English that I could stopless communicate with her. She is cute, beautiful and not stupid. Why? She didn’t leave her No. to me. I know how it goes, just reminded her to say hello to me next time we meet in street. But who knows? Never have chance.hahahah….

Anyway, I am brave.

Dear you all,

Finally comes the last moment. Even I have prepared for a long time, it is still not easy.

Truly grateful for your coming last night. It was sweet enough to sustain a life-long memory. Last night I packed my luggage and washed my bedding until very late, believe it or not, my tears just cannot help dropping. If you hate me, you can imagine the picture, ah, what a pity girl!

More words may be unnecessary. Even farewell in a hurry, I am sure you understand me well.

Life is a box of chocolate and you can never know what you will get for the next. Yet, I will never forget.

Warm hug and best wishes. Miracle happens every day! Looking forward to fancy meeting you, whenever and wherever.


Beautiful Jiajia


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