fail to plan, plan to fail

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

It is a common sense that someone should improve his reading, speaking, writing and listening if he or she wants to improve his or her English. It is also these very things I always pay no seriously attention to. I am the person always shouting don’t know what to do, yet be left a lot to.

No longer will such awkwardness exist after today. I made a plan for me in this coming month.

1. listening. Two types for listening I think are needed to improve. The first one is the ability to news report. The other is about daily communication. Why? I always was puzzled I get no problem in understanding what CNN, BCC talk about, but still don’t know a thing in their daily life talking. I will make this difference disappear, I promise.

2, speaking. no clue yet. I am going to follow what those anchors, correspondents as much as possible.

3. reading. Read carefully on TIME archive for its beautiful words, complicated but reasonable and orthodoxy written English. Also, speed in reading will get practiced for reading NYtimes or Washington Post.

4, writing. Well. I am doing this right now, ain’t I?

5. Vocabulary. Squeeze some time for reciting them.


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