Merry Christmas to myself

Since when I do feel so exhaust in one day? Never do I have realized I will be so tired, mentally or physically, if I finish one exam, doing some decoration for Christmas Eve party, meeting with Sok Lor, meeting with new instructors from Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well, celebrating Ricky’s birthday, learning to sing songs without my regular noon snap in just one day

Even I myself would think it impractical when I read it, doubting that such tight schedule as this will certainly kill me. I am not dead yet, I am dying.

Thank god, for I can know how to finish 4 exams, or more specifically, finish preparing it in just 4 days and get self-satisfactory results which not come yet? Luckily I made it.

They are always right. Finish something does not mean anything, I got more important things to do. or something more urgent will come to me. Ahhhh….. In one day, I will have to prepare for a party, in two days; I will be supposed to have a meeting with my juniors talking about the roles they are going to play in the camp. In 5 days, an opening ceremony party should be well organized for the camp kids, which means we need to do some plays funny enough by the students I find no sense of humor at all. In one week, god knows what else I need to do. Oh, I nearly forget my own job, I will teach Math, Chinese, and spend 1 hour and a half on Snack Counter as a servant, as well as the room teacher. Take care of those kids, I am sorry, be taken care by those kids.

What a darn good proposal! Anyway, I will make wish on Christmas Eve which is not realized in future.

Forget something, merry Christmas to myself.


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