trip to Pusan

The Chinese juniors of TLBU graduate students left at 7 am, Dec 13th on a two-day visit for Pusan, while at the mean time, their non-Chinese peers flew to China for field study.


They paid a visit to CJ Corporation, a top Korea food manufacturer, as their first stop in Pusan city, at 2 pm the same day. Introduced by an English speaking Korea staff, all students were amazed by its computerized controlling management and non-worker system. Finishing that, they moved to Pukyong National University, where those juniors had a warm talk with Professor____, and his students on their interested issues, the hospitality friends voluntarily guided our graduates in visiting Pusan city. Later, a gorgeous and affluent seafood dinner was served by professor___. All students acted as those old friends who seems didn’t meat each other for a long time.

The second day of the trip, students left Pusan city for 光州, they were going to visit POSCO steel company, a world class renowned corporation. On the way there, a ten-minute time was allocated for on overview of ___ palace, where_______________

They reached at POSCO. Corp at 1130 am. Having taken lunch there, students were lead to the No.2 steel mill of POSCO, which has a productivity of 4.6 million tons steal yearly, comprising 1/7 of POSCO yearly outcome. In the workshop, they watched the whole steel automatic making process. An 8-centimeter thick, 8 meter long steal brick is stretched into as long as 1.5 kilometer long steel wrap. Incredible is the most used word by the graduates when leaving that workshop. Resources are limited; the creativity is unlimited, a slogan carving on the gate of POSCO Company, inspired the students not only the technology innovation, environmental saving concept, moreover, the way POSCOers contributed to a whole world.


Late at night, graduates returned to their beloved TLBU campus, safely.


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2 Responses to trip to Pusan

  1. 雪萍 candy says:

    Where are you?In korea?

  2. Pengxuan says:

    yes, i study in Seoul

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